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. >> tonight at 9. man under arrest in the murder of 13-year-old girl. it is the news the family has waited to hear for a week. >> plus the terrorism fbi sting stairs in bay area man in a plot to blow up the east bay bank. how he got caught explained. >> northeast white out. planes grounded. cars are banned and states of emergency being declared. tim's new look and declared. tim's new look and new outlook for next
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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. san jose man in custody for trying to blow up a bank of america branch in oakland near the airport. fbi tells us the man supports violent jihad and wanted to start some kind of civil war. it all unfolded at bank of america branch near the oakland international boulevar boulevard. mark matthews explains what happened. >> according to the fbi matthe matthew's first target was the federal reserve in san francisco. on december 7 he told the undercover agent the bank looked too secure. and instead they should plan to
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bomb the oakland branch of the bank of america on hagueen roa road. on december 23 as they drove to the bank the agent says he described how he wanted to place the car bomb unthe pillar of the bank in hope of bringing down the entire building. detailed in the criminal complaint laughed and hugged undercover agent as he planned where the bomb would be policed. bomb was 12 5 gallon buck let with what he thought were explosive. complaint says he bought a couple cell phone, 9 volt battery, battery cap and led light used in a triggering device. after driving the black suv to the bank this morning he reportedly walked away to make the call that setoff the explosion. ups driver john was driving by two. okay in the morning when i came by and fbi agent were all around here. >>reporter: he says this is where the suv was parked under this overhang. here you can see where they marked the tire tires.
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>> sounds to me as though a lone wolf. some wannabe. >>reporter: rick smith spent 26 years in the fbi. he says he wasn't that organized but he was serious. >> i think it's a good day for the fbi because they were able to infiltrate this. put undercover operative in with this suspect. >>reporter: this is the house in east san jose. how the fbi got on to him in the first place we don't know. two months the agent described how he monitored and facilitated the bomb plot. customers at the bank were stunned by the news. >> wow! seriously? glad they caught him before he could do any damage. >>reporter: in the complaint the he details prior criminal record at 2011 conviction for transportation of ak 47 and hay capacity assault magazine. he was sentenced to a year in jail but was relessed in november of 2011. one year later he had
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his first meeting with the undercover fbi agent. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> you are looking at the accused murderer of bay area teenager. 32-year-old la mar jones of fairfield local barbe barber. police booked him for the murder kidnap rape of 13-year-old girl named janell conway allen of suisun city. it was one week ago that she was found murdered in a park. vick lee explains what he has learned since the arrest was announced. >> go to bed at nature and wake up in the morning first think we think about is that little girl and i'm grateful that they found this person. >> sense of relief from people we spoke with here in fairfiel fairfield. relief that police now have the murder suspect. >> anthony la mar jones 32 years old. he was arrested early this morning at his mother's apartment in this residential complex near the 1100 block of east taiber avenue. neighbor told us an
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officer knocked on the door at around 6:30. >> asked me question. show me pictures of a man that they thought was the perpetrator and showed me pictures of the girl. asked if i of have ever been to crown barber. >> that turned out to be amen hair style shop that jones reportedly started here at the shopping maul last year with several other associates. places appeared here early this morning during the operation. they took evidence from the shop and boarded up the window and door. john hard is a contractor who helped with the electrical wiring in the salon. he was shocked to learn about the arrest. >> they seemed like nice guy. good to go start a business and just nothing seemed out of the ordinary about him. >>reporter: places ripped off this house on clipper lane early this morning. investigators brought out more evidence from the home. fairfield police say they identified him as suspect early in the investigation. >> since that time he has been
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under 24 hours surveillance. therefor there was no danger to public during the investigatio investigation. >>reporter: jones mother apartment the place of his arrest is a few block away from the market. earlier this week police relessed a picture of the 13-year-old which was taken by police surveillance camera across the street from the market. naked body was found at popular park in fairfield the day after her disappearanc disappearance. which is on january 31. but it wasn't until earlier this week that police identified her as the missing 13-year-old. >> 7 news spoke with jones mother today she didn't want to go on camera. but she said she is devastated at learning of her son arrest. she also said that he comes from a family that goes to church every sunday. she just can't imagine doing something like this. this is 7 news. >> now miss allen was a foster child and police read a statement from her foster family thanking officers and
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everyone who gave the family such support. >> in our heart we can say goodbye to miss janelle. we love you so much. we always will. may you find peace forever. always always love you. >> funeral arrangements for janelle have not yet been disclosed. >> all right let's move now to the blizzard back east. more than 350,000 businesses and homes without power because of the heavy snow and the howling winds hammering parts of the northeast. wind rain buffeting the coast of massachusetts. look how hard this is. the state has banned driving until the storm eases up. streets of boston like a virtual ghost town. motorist caught behind the wheel phase v00 dollar fine and year in jail. snowplow already working over time in connecticut. some areas have already seen more than half foot of snow. this is a live picture of columbus circle in new york. there it is as you
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look live in new york city. columbus circle not many people out and about in this kind of extreme weather. it's midnight there and also on friday night in new york city. so would you often find people out a about and you know it is bad when place like boston and new york driving restrictions and people aren't out because they are used to this cooped of weather spencer. we have the latest tonight. >> take a look at live doppler 7 hd. calm weather in the bay area. skip to the blizzard which reaches from new york all the way across swirtally all of new england and up through maine and it's really brutal weather there. snow falling heavily. winds are gusting over 70 miles per hour in some polices and snow piling up right now. let's look at various locations new york central park heavy snow falling right now. temperature down to 27 degrees with strong gusty winds. in connecticut snowing heavily there. wind gusting over 40 miles per hour and blizzard conditions prevail there boston light snow now but
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pick up come heavy again. peak wind gust in boston says 51 but few minutes ago it was 76 miles per hour wind gust in boston. that is horrendous blizzard. here's what happens follow the time lane. center of the storm pull away in the overnight hours. blizzard conditions continue to prevail until early morning hours tomorrow. much of new england and finally late in the afternoon early evening tomorrow blizzard conditions will start to taper off and a lot of snow left behind. power outage and many road closure it will be a long time before things get back to normal in the northeast. >> thank you very much. >> flight delay also were cancelled. result 4000 flight grounded. 7 news transportation reporter heather on the ripple effect of that here in the bay area. >> people on the east coast you are cancelled. >> airline saw it coming and began notifying people yesterday. united set up a special check in area just for rebooking. these tourists sky
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pan disappointed 4 day in new york cut at least in half. rerouted tonight to dallas then on to washington, d.c. >> maybe there's no time to go sightseeing. maybe. >> do you have a place to stay or just stay in the airport. >> airport. >> these club will lacrosse players from seattle trying to get to new york for match against syracuse. >> not giving us any information about what kind of going on with this. >> they haven't rerouted you somewhere. >> not yet. >> what do they say to do. >> basically hold tight. season traveler eric is betting on getting out tomorrow afternoon to jfk. he is so confident he's sticking around the airport this afternoon to check in. >> i'm going to check in to my 3:40 flight in a little while because the plane i'm taking has really unique seating chart and specific seat all the way back so i'll sleep that flight
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tomorrow. >> he might still be sleeping in san francisco instead. >> i think a lot really depend on how long it takes this weather system to mav through some of the cities and how severe the weather really is. how long will it take. runway to get cleared. will there be any difficulty and employee that work at the airport getting to work to operate the airport. >> for tomorrow sfo says most recent information is that all of the flights to and from boston on all of the carrier are cancelled. half the flights to and from jfk those would be the morning flights have been cancelled already but of course the common sense advice is for everyone going out coming in to definitely try to mack a call ahead of time and see what is going on with the flight. if it's to the northeast. at sfo, abc 7 news. >> flight delay are also affec affecting the new york knicks. they are stuck in minnesota after playing the timberwolves. and the snow in the southern
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california area closed interstate 5 over the grapevine between bakersfield and los angeles. no word yet on when it will reopen. >> still ahead 7 news at 9:00. prosecutors tip their hand in the mansion murder of local businessman. with what ties to a suspected prostitute to 2 men arrested for killing him. >> through the night again tomorrow they will have ground searches going on. >> man hunt on mountain top. ex girlfriend calls the suspect severely distuvrnltd you will hear from her next. and the search for inmit who stole a police van is over so what happened to thos mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make
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>> we learn more about the home invasion murder about a millionaire. documents released today offer new details on how police connected raven dixon to 3 men suspected in the murder. she's the one on the left. 7 news reporter thomas with today development that you are seeing only on abc 7 news. >> santa clara county district attorney office rae lease add at the same time of fact in homicide case of 66-year-old william of loss gattoesth the papers contain how police found evidence against the 3 suspects
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anderson, garcia and austin. >> there is dna evidence for the 3 male charged with this murder that the dna was present at the scene of the murder if not on the body itself. >> deputy district attorney is prosecuting the case. he says the 3 charged murder with committing a robbery that qualifies as special circumstances and potential death penalty. smith says crime scene technician and county criminalist found one suspect dna on tape that was used to bind he and his wife. another suspect dna found underneath the financing nail and third suspect left behind a glove that contained his dna. evidence led to quick arrest. as for 22-year-old raven dixon involvement in the case as an accessory smith says she knew all 3 suspects who are members of oakland gang ghost town and money team and she's involved with prostitution as well. >> gang tie maybe not a member herself. she's involved with people who are in it. her pimp a member of ghost town 2 gang in oakland quantityed to commit the type of home invasion
9:18 pm
robbery. >> smith says dixon a childhood friend with women whose brother are gang members. the evidence flies in the face of what dixon her attorney alleged wednesday. >> she doesn't know so i mean how can she been harboring one of the people unless she knew them. and also would have to be that she knew a murder was committed and she knew he was harboring someone who committed a murder. >> district attorney wants to try and separating dixon charge of accessory to murder in the case of other 3 suspect on the case of dixon not knowing them. february 15 with prosecutors tie all 4 together in one case. prosecutors expected to ask for gang enhancement. all 4 suspects were now in the county jail behind me expected to enter a plea on that day n.san jose, thomas abc 7 news. >> authorities hunting for former los angeles police officer suspected of 3 killings are searching his mother's home in los angeles suburb. dorner family is cooperating.
9:19 pm
christopher dorner suspected of deadly rampage as part of vendetta against law enforcement after fired by the lapd. police resume the search tomorrow and burned out truck yesterday in the mountaineer big bear then discovered track in the snow but they turned out to be a dead end. >> reports of some track being found. they investigated those along with those track they found ski track. and it's a popular area for people to go cross country skiing. they have determined that's what it was. they are not related to dorner. there was also report of door kick at cabin in the 7 oaks area. they checked that out. it's old damage. >> all across southern california police on edge tonight. christopher dorner ex military and former police officer and he is targeting them as his former girlfriend is afraid for her life.
9:20 pm
>> i think it is a scary situation who next. you don't know. >> dorner claims to have a list of all of lapd unmarked police cars. it's also a skilled shooter who has won military award for marks manship. >> san jose police arrested forf his handcuffs and stealing a police van wednesday night. we report that had to you at the time. 32-year-old anthony sanchez found sleeping inside another stolen vehicle. truck that was stolen from a 7-11 parking lot not far from where the stolen police van was dumped. police say they are still looking into exactly how sanchez managed to give them the slip. >> any time you have a suspect that escapes from custody, it's not only a little embarrassing because it's very rare. certainly the officers feel that weighs heavily on them. they start lacking back and wondering what they could have done differently. >>reporter: he faces charges of auto theft, burglary, possession of stolen property and narcotics. now of course
9:21 pm
escaping from places. found the handcuff and sanchez slipped out of inside the stolen truck. but he's back in custody tonight. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. weekend arrived. looks lake we got through the rain. >> showers out of here and i'm spiling for 2 weekend. weekend is here and weather looks good. that's number two here's a live view from the high definition mount tam camera on the bay on the clear evening around the bay area. cool out there. chilly evening in some spots vl cold before the night is over. live doppler 7hd cloud free skies. temperature readings dropped to 38 already at napa. 48 at fairfield. 42 up in santa rosa. quite chilly in the inland valley of the east bay and the north bay during overnight hours so mostly clear cold overnight sunny dry this weekend and much milder pattern will settle in for next week. let's talk about the low. we'll see low pressure dropping below freezing and quite a few
9:22 pm
location especially the north bay valley upper 20's santa rosa and napa down to 30 at fairfield. low 30's at livermore and concord so chilly all i know land cell and chilly around the bayshore line as well. satellite radar composite image shows storm brought us showers yesterday now pushing through southern cam. it produced snow this evening in the hills around los angeles county but we here in the bay area are drying out now with the nice cold dry flow of wednesday from the north come did you know riding the jet stream through the bay area and high pressure building in now and dry pattern will hold right on through fix week. not only dry but it's milder as the indicate goes by. tomorrow sunny pleasant with high pressure in the south bay mainly in the upper 50's. look for high of 58. santa clara san jose up to 60 at los gatos. on peninsula mid upper 50's. we see 57 degrees at redwood city and palo alto. 58 mountain view on the coast. pacifica 53. high of 55 at half moon bay. in and around
9:23 pm
san francisco high in the mid 50's. 56 downtown. 54 in the sun set district. up in the north bay sunny mild with high in the upper 50's for most locations 60 at santa rosa and 61 at clover dale. east bay high 57 berkeley hayward and newark. inland east bay will also be in the upper 50's. 59 at condition cord fairfield and antioch 58. pleasanton and dublin danville rather and monterey bay mid upper 50's near the bay and upper 50's inland at gilroy morgan hill and holster. accu-weather 7 day forecast it is a nice mild week that just gets milder as the days go on. mid 60's around the bay next week. low 60's on the coast and wednesday thursday of thursday by the way is valentine's day and yes i can't resist. it's a sweet heart of a day. enjoyment and the note will end on a nice mild sunny note as well. friday will be sunny and mild so lovely weather come up. almost spring like as winter
9:24 pm
continues on. >> okay thank you very much is that spring here soon. >> yes it will. >> thanks coming up here. mars mystery. did the curiosity rover just spot a hunk of metal on the red planet? >> high tech collaboration between people half world apart changes the life of a five year old boy. stay with us. 7 news othere's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪
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so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. about. >> nasa curiosity rover discovered mysterious metal object emerging from rock on the surface of mars. take a look at this bizarre finger like structure science buff say it could be erosion than the surroundings but it's weird. pictures of the object emerge after cures ty drill the first hole in the surface of mars.
9:28 pm
that is what you are seeing here. hole surrounded by dust. scientist will assess it to see whether it can be analyzed more closely. that should show whether life has ever existed on the planet. very interesting. well back here a self admitted sci-fi geek in bellingham turned his unusual hobby into a life changer for a little boy in south africa. he explains the mechanical helping hand. >> when he isn't selling school supplies ivan likes making strange devices. there's the rapid fire ping pong ball launcher out of a leaf blower. remote control bowler hat but the costume mechanical hand that caught the eye of a south african watching you tube. >> i lost my fingers. have you ever considered taking what you have done here with this and maybe finding a way to apply it to the sort of problem. >> 2 men 10,000 miles apart began collaborating.
9:29 pm
>> this is an exact cope of richard writ hand. >> with a 3d printer they combine the best of the design. mom in south africa saw them on facebook and help the 5-year-old son born without fingers. >> he just lack ability to grasp anything. >>reporter: he's fit with this hand. >> he remarked it looked like robot hand. >>reporter: he's doing things he never expected picking up coins. holding a basketball when the boy bend the wrist cable pull and fingers close. opening opportunity. >> the moment he made the realization how it functions he excitedly shouting it helps me. >>reporter: he made a request you get a robo hand as long as you don't hit anyone with it. this is komo 4 news. >> the secret art of former president up next. thanks to hacker internet now knows quite a bit more about the bush family. 7 news reporter look noose intriguing idea to merge the bay area into one giant
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is. >> as bay area struggle with tighter budget, plan is being pitched to erase the boundary of separates city and county and consolidate service. business technology reporter david louie explained what is behind the sweeping proposal. >> there are 101 cities in the 9 bay area counties. sometimes difficult to tell when you cross a border unless you see the city limit signs. paul challenged business civic lead daers to think about dissolving the lines at the opportunity arises. >> what you have to did is catch the moment when
9:34 pm
politician or leader is retiring and say maybe it's time to combine our city manager position for our fire department. >> tech future and spoke at the state of the valley conference suggesting the by area sudden think of itself as city state. seemless intent saving money and improving services. some bay area city recognize the benefit of consolidation. sunnyvale police fire emt combined. los gatos places serve resident of monty. >> the bay area has 6 million people but lieutenants of small fire department. l.a. county cost less per citizen and they have a fleet of 9 fire helicopters. the bay area has no fire helicopters at all. >>reporter: president of the san jose silicon valley chamber of commerce embrace the city state con situation. we really do as a region as a bay area region need to figure out how we cooperate how we consolidate operations from a public sector
9:35 pm
to really give our taxpayer more bang for the buck. however elected officials and residents urge caution over accountable and control. as we grow we look at how we can regionalize services but maintain representation and direct connection to the voters and policy makers. everybody has their own opinion. some city more conservative and some liberal and i think it makes the world a better place when you have different opinion. >> the idea of creating a bay area city state is bold. maybe even daunting. but that was probably said also back in the 60's when they were starting to create and think about park. idea is create ago lot of controversy and debate. in san jose david lou abc 7 news. >> new front is opening in the battle between smokers and those who don't want to breathe their smoke. wayne explains how people want to ban lighting up at lake merritt in oakland.
9:36 pm
>> oakland lake merritt nice place to visit. to walk to. run. to look at the duck. how about to smoke? >> i just try to be mindful of people very sensitive with smoking now day and i'm not oblivious to that. >>reporter: clearly the smoke offends people. hence 250 signatures on internet petition to the oakland city council that would ban smoking along lake merritt perimeter. council member shav hasn't seen it yet. >> certainly we have seen other petitions with more signatures than that. but 250 people is certainly something that is going to makes us stand up and take notice. >>reporter: already in oakland smokers ban from office buildings or areas within 25 feet of them. runners around the lake hear support the proposal. why be forced to breathe lethal fumes when exercising they skichlt it's horrible. i can't stand it. it's almost disrespectful to the runners. >>reporter: didn't they have a right to smoke. >> somewhere else. this is jogging running area. not a smoking year. >>reporter: but not that simple. at the core this isn't so much about smoking as
9:37 pm
fundamental argument about the nature of freedom. does health outweigh the right to harm one's lungs. >> this world is going nuts. our freedom, disappearing all over. this is wrong. >> i could believe that smoking isn't going good g for anybody but it's app out door area i don't believe you can legislature that. >>reporter: they will try. >> we have a rate to have clean fresh air. just as much as they have a right to smoke in smoke designated areas this shouldn't be one. >>reporter: where would you recommend they smoke. >> somewhere other than the lake. >>reporter: typical of the internet lifestyle all very virtual. reached out to the author by e-mail. that person never got back to us. city council members have never seen an actual petition so when i say it's virtual we mean it's tenuous. maybe this whole thing will last as long as a puff of smoke in the air. at lake merritt in oakland, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> and some developing in us in
9:38 pm
palo alto. cal train hit and killed a person tonight at the east meadow drive crossing. emergency crew still on the scene. service is disrupted and bus bridge is in effect for the immediate why the area. accident happened at about 2 hours ago. 12 fatality by the way involving cal train were report entered 2012, eight turned out to be suicide. tonight peace corps has announced death of bay area volunteer. nicholas castle from brentwood died yesterday in china after short illness. 23-year-olberkeley graduate teaching evening lish at the time of his death. castle had written that service in the peace corps was a life time dream and chance to experience a different culture. sad loss. >> federal regulators tonight shut down the tour bus company involved in the crash in the san bernardino mountains 8 people were killed. the company is based in mexico. it's accused of operating 2 other buses in the u.s. with serious mechanical safety violations. outgoing secretary of
9:39 pm
defense panetta calling it the honor of his life time. soldiers from all branches of the military along with the president gave the retiring panetta a send off salute in arlington, virginia today. panetta served more than 4 decades in various role of government including the director of the cia. secret service is investigating reports that a hacker broke into the each mail accounts of the bush family. breach includes both former president e-mail show it bush family prepared for george hw bush funeral in december when the former president was hospitalized for respiratory ailment. also show that neal bush helped salvage the reputation of bill clinton after the presidency. and that george w bush is something of an amateur painter. story first reported by the web site the smoking gun. it says the security code at the home in dallas was also exposed. well still ahead tonight. chapter out of bay area rich rock and roll history. battle
9:40 pm
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. sasz. >> wild picture. if you asked anyone to pick you up after you. steel work intersouthern texas was lift from the top of new transmission tower. the only way that he could get off of it. nice way to ride on in to the sun set. >> it's said to be the world longest running rock band competition and tomorrow night young musician will gather if front of 1500 screaming fans for the 50th annual battle of the band in hayward. 7 news reporter jonathan bloom take as look at how it endured for half a century. >> these youngsters are eighth gradeers from san francisco.
9:44 pm
come on python. >> 12 minutes is all you get to impress the crowd. and win the battle of the band. >> when talking show changes and hats and tam borrow ian. >>reporter: they are competing in the tribute band at fleetwood mask. ♪ they know that judging will be tough. >> you guys get graded on the costume. >> yes. they are very particular. the pen dapt that i have on is a duplicate of what stevie wears on stage. >> now busy rehearsing the new short song. >> if they don't do it in 12 minutes the curtain goes down. >> they help organize the battle for 30 of the 50 years. in 1964 it was the teenager battle of the bands. >> best band that wins is going to play at a dance. that's how it started. >> opened it up to all ages in the 90's they added prizes. >> they get studio time. merchandise. and sometimes
9:45 pm
studio time they get record label. >> for those locate enough to compete the theater here at the college is hallow ground. place where band have gotten the big break and rock star launch the career. >> this was the battle of the bands in the bay area in. 1974 dave won the battle with his band yesterday and today. now ymc plays the sold out stadium in germany. >> it made it sort of like a thing. if you want to make it big man you got to win the battle of the band. make it big like this. >> don't have to win to make it big. may never have heard of the agent of misfortune but abbas played with ozzie. >> some of the second and third place bands prosper later. >> they did don't forget. special guest show their support. >> i hope it keeps going and going and going. >> we need things like this for musician.
9:46 pm
>> this is 7 news. >> san francisco city leaders held a huge pep rally this afternoon to get resident to clean up the city. rally included cheer leaders from lincoln high school. politicians giants player hun hunter penn and even a sink frer beach blanket babylon. it was to launch the mayor anti-litter campaign called the giant sweep. last year city workers picked up almost 23,000 tons of material illegally dumped on the streets. >> have every neighborhood every business everybody raise conscienceness so that the trash is not just picked up by public works. all of us prevented from guest on our streets in the first place. >> as part of the campaign the city will hold several neighborhood clean up events during baseball season. first is scheduled for tomorrow in the sun set district. >> all right. a little boy tries to pull a fast one on his mother but the evidence does not lie. >> child what are you eat sning. >> you didn't eat anything.
9:47 pm
>> yes. i did. >> up next. the clip that is spreading across the webb like wildfire. >> don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor: beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. >>. >> let's go back one last time of the forecast as we hit the we hope. spencer is back. >> okay the weekend upon us. live doppler 7 hd show clear skies around the bay area. clear all night and certainly assign weekend coming our way. in fact state wide tomorrow it's mostly sunny. lingering includes did you know south where there is a little bit of snow and higher elevation in los angeles county this evening but tomorrow sunny skies from top to bottom across the state of california and that includes of course the bay area. start the morning with some really chilly conditions up in the interior valley of the north bay and even the east bay as
9:51 pm
well. low dropping below freezing but daytime high in the upper 50's to right around 60 sunny skies and pebble beach the at&t pro am pebble beach golf tournament tomorrow back under way. sunny all day long. cool in the morning. temperatures in the 40's and mild in the afternoon with high pressure in the fwichlts here's alaska weather 7 day forecast from the bay area. start to see much milder weather early next weekend by midweek high pressure in the mid 60's inlan inland. low 60's around the bay. beautiful week of weather ahead. >> sure looks like it. >> parents catch the little ones and little white lie all the time but video gone viral on you tube shows a 3-year-old getting caught in a whopper. >> what are you eating. >> you didn't eat anything. can look at mommy. >> anything. >> john can you explain to me why the sprinkles are empty.
9:52 pm
>> they are not empty. >> john? look at me. >> they are not empty. >> did you eat those sprinkle. >> no. >> i did not. >> john you have sprinkle on your face. >> i'm not. no. >> i did not eat sprinkle. >> what a sweet kid. well give mom credit she was able to contain her laughter unlike the 119,000 people who have watched this video so far. john mom says she had a long talk with him about telling the truth. what a sweetie. all there with our kids at one time or anothe another. >> no sprinkle. no. >> no. no. i was cleaning them. cleaning them. trying to help you. >> in sports. tim big changes off season. not talking about the 8 pounds he's gained. the flowing lock. are gone. all flowing lock. are gone. all he needs now is the card key to
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. bomb plot foiled. we have more on this the man that the fbi says was bent on blowing up this oakland bank. >> must have medical test for all women. what doctors now recommend for each stage of a woman's life. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. night sports director larry here with the sports. >> start with the nba and warriors blow out losses in houston and oklahoma city. war norse hung in but grizzly own them 8 straight victory over golden state. look out. crew ford the referee in the head. accidental. golden state basically 2 machine show tonight. david lee. 26 points and curry had 32. scoop to the hoop. it rolls but no other warrior in double digit. 7-1-265 and nimble. warriors trail most of the game. they ballots back. the dish to
9:57 pm
curry warriors up 69-67. but couldn't be stopped here. wow! 20 points. 11 board. jumper late in the fourth. helping memphis beat the warriors who now lost 3 in a row. 99-93. check this out. heat clippers the bull goes into the crowd here. lebron asking for it back. fan wearing lebron jersey. tosses it back. get in the game. come on. he's having a catch with the guy who is wearing lebron jersey. how cool is that? lebron not as much fun for the clippers defending him. he had 30 in ballots of first place teams. heat crush the clips 111 to 89. the defending world champion giants holding fan fest tomorrow at at&t park. today players met with the media. new tim. long hair is gone. and the book worm has arrived. >> tim last year. tim this
9:58 pm
year. >> just got tired of the long hair. just needed something divvy guess. >>reporter: but the hair is not the only difference. >> it's more of a look. >>reporter: like rick wild thing vaughn except. you look like a poet. >> a poet? >> i feel in like i could write a pretty good poem or 2. >>reporter: he had a rough time 2012. career worst. 10 in 15 record with career high 5.18 earn run average finish the season in the bullpen but help the giants claim the second world series in three years. when put in a situation like i was in the post season it's just it's the most sel selfless situation you can be in in the play offs and dying to make it to the next game. so this year is a little different. i'm hoping to get back on my horse and be in the rotation again and resteak my claim as starting pitcher and good one. >>reporter: one guy who believes he can do it is buster
9:59 pm
who fought rest any rumored ill will between the 2. >> i'll just go ahead and say so nobody else ask. tim and i are friend okay. there's no issue there. >> right now my perspective isn't to be in the bullpen. i weren't to be a starter and get back to that elite status i once had. >>reporter: during the off season giants couldn't come to terms with former closer will sochbility missed most of last year. second tommy january surgery. not willing to pay big guaranteed money that wilson wants, the gm. >> has been a numbers thing. he was taken back jilted by what we needed to did to non-tender him. that certainly understandable. we wanted to do i hope sentive base contract and i guess at this point in time his mind says he's trying get as much money as he can. if that's the game we won't be playing the game. >> wilson remains unsigned at this point. 49ersñi head coach harbaugh has not picked autopsy golf club since last year tournament at pebble beach.

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